Ashtanga Iyengar Yoga Retreats in India

With an exclusive 5-day Ashtanga Iyengar yoga retreats in India, our retreats is suited for the yogis and yogini’s of all levels. The yoga retreat in India near Morjim Beach in Goa is designed as a brief yet comprehensive yoga course to help participants become familiar with the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series and also Iyengar yoga alignment practices and techniques. Ashtanga Yoga has increasingly started gaining popularity around the world. The yoga retreat is also useful for those willing to learn more about Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga or expand their own personal practice.

We aim to conduct these Ashtanga Iyengar Yoga Retreats in India at an idyllic location in Goa, so that the participants are offered with a brilliant mix of relaxation and health. From daily morning yoga classes to pure vegetarian sattvic food, the whole idea of these retreats is the rejuvenation of the soul, reviving your tired spirit and providing you the fuel to take on the challenges that await you.

The core purpose of these yoga retreats in India is to provide an alternate way of life for those interested in wellness and healthy lifestyle but do not have the time to devote unending hours to it. It helps health enthusiast from across the world to take a sneak peek at an alternative happy way of living.

Whether you plan to attend the yoga retreat for relaxation, meditation, rejuvenation or tranquility, we ensure that you get the best opportunity to develop your inner peace, calm and create the best connect for your inner self with the external surroundings. Even for those who are seeking to attend these yoga retreats in India as a holiday destination, we offer just the right mix of features necessary for a refreshing revival of your inner peace.

Yoga Retreats in India


What Makes Our Ashtanga Iyengar Yoga Retreats in India Special?

Our Yoga Center’s Location in Goa

If one plans for a retreat, Goa perhaps possesses the best location advantage. From a bustling international airport to well-developed road transport, Goa is extremely approachable from any part of the world. The serene landscape, the pristine beaches, the verdant greenery and the virgin woods all work together to provide just the right mix of ambiance perfect for your relaxation and yoga. That along with the hospitable culture of the Goans, the abundance of trained yoga practitioners ready to share their knowledge adds to the charm of Goa as a major yogic hub and ideal retreat destination for those interested. The broad milieu of people who visit Goa every year and the many who attend these retreats add a further level of credibility and first-hand account of the entire experience, motivating many others to join the experience.

Join At Any Level

The flexibility of the course structure is another additional advantage. Whether you are a beginner level yoga practitioner or an advanced level Ashtanga yoga enthusiast, these yoga retreats have customized course modules and training structures to suit the needs for anyone interested in a retreat. This ensures that participation can be broad-based and across age groups enabling wider reach and better accessibility to those who join the retreat.

Ashtanga Yoga in Goa

What Will Your Daily Program be Like?

  • Every day of your Yoga Retreat in Goa will include 2 Yoga Classes i.e. Ashtanga Yoga in the morning while the evening will be of other yoga styles like Yin yoga, Hatha yoga or Restorative yoga.based on Iyengar Principles
  • The subject of class in the middle of the day will be the Alignment, where you will go through all the important asanas in the Ashtanga primary series step by step. This is your time with the teacher where the teacher will guide you on how to practice injury free yoga using Iyengar’s props.
  • Early morning Pranayama and Evening meditation classes are conducted everyday. Retreat participants have an option to attend these classes if they feel like.
  • You will have 3 breaks in the day for meals.
  • During Afternoons, lunch will be followed by a long afternoon break. You can use this time to rest, go to the beach and explore the surrounding areas.
  • The day is concluded with an Evening Meditation followed by Dinner

5 Day Yoga Retreats in India Dates and Fees

Starting from 300 EUR | 5 Days (Every Mon-Fri) | Goa, India

MonthPeriodApply Now
January 20197th January – 11th January

14th January – 18th January

21st January – 25th January

28th January – 1st February

February 20194th February – 8th February

11th February – 15th February

18th February – 22nd February

25th February – 1st March

March 20194th March – 8th March

11th March – 15th March

18th March – 22nd March

25th March – 29th March

April 20191st April – 5th April

8th April – 12th April

15th April – 19th April

22nd April – 26th April